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Jacquie Burton would like to be called jacquieshambles. Of course, this will never catch on in real life, so she uses the moniker mostly online. jacquieshambles grew up in Peterborough and fancies herself one of those walking contradictions (read: clich├ęs): A beer drinker who is a little rough around the edges, but also a sensitive dreamer with a collection of strange dolls and E.T memorabilia. Recently, she became one of those old people who go back to college and try really hard. Her favourite shoes are Clarks Wallabees, and the person she daydreams about being friends with is Terrence Koh.

Paul Frost was born in rural Ontario. After graduating high school he went straight to Europe with no friends, no family, and no place to stay. All he had was a little savings and bags of ambition. Paul worked an array of glamorous jobs: waiter, receptionist, collection agent, pharmacy technician, cashier, bartender, just to name a few.These past life experiences made him realize his true goals: to work in the fashion industry. Paul currently resides in Toronto and is studying fashion. But, just because he rocks, doesn't mean he's made of stone. Sources say Paul's short term goals are to party hard, visit Tallahassee, and his long term goals are to eat food, and have $500 cash by retirement.

Nike Onile is a young entrepreneur that is headed to the front line of Toronto’s event production community. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Nike studied Biotechnology and Chemistry at the University of Toronto and was always actively involved in planning special events on campus. Althought a Science major, Nike’s entrepreneurial spirit steered her down a different course and in the winter of 2006 Nike started PeacockAffairs, Event Management and Planning Company.

She is a strong believer in steering your own direction in life to create your own destiny and lives each day with that in mind. She has now partnered with theMOVEMENTZ as Director of Fashion and Events and is determined on bringing fashionMOVEMENTZ viewers the latest news of who and what is defining Canada's Fashion Industry.

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